7 Things About Small Business Marketing You Need To Know

7 Things About Small Business Marketing You Need To Know

So you’ve had a standout idea and have successfully transformed it into a business. Now what?

This is the struggle that many small businesses face. How do you get customers? How do people learn about your business and how to you find long term success? The answer is marketing (it’s not as scary as it sounds). We have gathered together some insights to help you tackle the new hurdle and come out on top.

Small Business Marketing

1. Content is key- and it’s free

What’s a perk of running your own business? Having an insider’s view of what is going on behind the scenes. Interesting content is knocking at your door, and it is free. Being involved in all of the nitty-gritty elements of running a business creates the opportunity for content to be expanded upon and created into marketing endeavors. Are you interacting with new customers, creating a new product, or getting involved more with your community? Content, content, content.

2. It’s completely social (media)

Networking, creating social engagements, and being involved in social media is a way to take your marketing to the next level. Getting social (whether online or in person) will help you become well-known and rake in those customers. Getting your small business off the ground requires people knowing who you are. Creating those relationships and nurturing them along the way will help your small business grow and thrive.

3. Small business marketing is real-time

Your marketing has a more direct reach than a larger company’s campaign or advertising endeavor. You are able to know your audience (real or prospective) and talk to them directly. Your outreach can be more personal, giving you the ability to see real-time results. Through social media or email outreach you are creating a reachable and direct form of involvement with your customer base. Today, you will reach a customer faster through an email or Facebook post to their smart phone than waiting for them to see a commercial that you don’t want (or need) to be paying for anyways.

4. Inbound is the way to go

Don’t try to sell the customer the dessert menu when they haven’t had the chance to order their drinks. The same can be said for smaller business marketing. Rather than jumping the gun and overwhelming your potential customers, Inbound marketing is a route that directs the customer through the buying process. For more on Inbound marketing, read our blog So How Does Inbound Marketing Work?

5. A market isn’t just a grocery store

Knowing your market, either real or desired, will help your business have a measurable impact. Your market is your target audience and the persona that you are trying to reach through your output. If you want Small Town Sally to become a customer, you shouldn’t be creating content that only Bad Boy Bill will find interesting. Creating goals for who you want to reach and what your target customer looks like will help to rearrange your content and the messages you are creating.

6. Marketing is not advertising

Marketing builds your brand and attracts the customers that you want. It is preparing your product for the marketplace and it is convincing potential buyers that you have the product for them. Advertising is delivering that specific product to an already established customer. Your marketing strategy is key for your business: you need to understand your target audience and what can be done to reach them. Branding you business will draw future attention and bring the customers (and the money) through the door.

7. Know your stuff

Make sure you get the basics right before you jump straight into marketing tactics. Plan your marketing strategy, understand your target market, and polish your product.

Marketing for your business is key. Following these factoids will help take your business to the next level.

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