8 Easy Tips To Make Your Small Business Successful

8 Easy Tips To Make Your Small Business Successful

Achieving success as a small business can be a difficult task. Many people send countless hours looking for a magic solution to success but overlook the most basic components. We’ve listed 8 tips that are simple, but vital to your small business’ success!

1. In Social Media, Be Where Your Customers Are

Utilizing social media is an important factor for it connects your business with your customers. However, not all social media sites may be right for your business. Figure out which platforms the majority of your customers may be positioned on and then base your social media strategy off of this data. Say your business is a clothing store, it’s unlikely that your customers will be surfing LinkedIn for your shop. Same goes from an insurance company, your ideal client probably won’t be looking for you on Instagram. Don’t let your social media strategy go to waste, focus your work on the appropriate platforms!

2. Twitter for Market Research

As mentioned earlier, social media is a great way to connect with your customers. However, some platforms are also great for market research! Twitter is a great site to follow the trends in your field from what customers and competitors are tweeting. Operating your own small company is simply too expensive and time consuming to conduct traditional market research. Twitter allows you to do this for free and see not only what your competitors are doing, but also what your customers are saying. This is too valuable to pass up on!

3. Be Optimistic

Running your own business can be very stressful and it’s likely that you’ll encounter a few disappointments. However, the key to a successful small business is a positive mindset. Both customers and employees alike will greatly appreciate an owner that radiates a positive atmosphere in the business. This can be as simple as wearing a smile when around the workplace. It’s surprising how far a smile can go in this hectic business environment Also a positive attitude about the future of your business will push you to strive to achieve the goals you set. Remember, the glass is half full, not half empty.

4. Build a Team

When hiring a new employee, don’t just hire someone to fill a position. Hire someone that will represent your business mission and fit in well with the team. When you’re working with few employees, it’s important to have the right people who are as dedicated as you are to achieve the goals of your business.

5. A Handwritten Note Will Wow Your Customers and Employees

A perk of working in a small business environment, is the ability to be personal. Take advantage of this. Write your customers and employees thank you notes every now and then to show how they are important to the success of your business. Customers will be caught off guard and impressed that a company is showing how how much they value their relationship. It’ll also boost morale in employees and show that their hard work isn’t going unnoticed.

Your personal approach can also extend to the digital world. Every social media or blog post should show that spark of personality behind the business.

6. Be Different

With so many companies competing against one another, it’s important to stand out. Use your research from Twitter to see what your competitors are doing, and then make sure you’re not doing the same thing! Create your own path and prospective clients will be attracted to the uniqueness of your business and follow.

7. Sell Soft

A huge tip that we emphasize to all our clients is don’t sell hard. Customer are tired of be constantly sold to. They want their problems solved so be their solution. This is actually the cornerstone of inbound marketing, and why we talk about it (so much)! Satisfy their wants and do what’s best for your customers first. I promise this won’t go unnoticed. The public will see your business as one that values customer service above everything else.

8. Leave Your Comfort Zone

You’ve already done the biggest risk so far, starting your small business! However, don’t get too comfortable. Don’t fall into a routine and develop the mindset of, “this is how we’ve always done it.” Be open to changes because they’ll happen no matter what.

Running a your own company is hard work, but with these simple tips, success can be yours!


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