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What’s it like to work at Suite 4?

Suite 4 is the kind of place where you can have fun and have pride in what you do. It’s a place where your ideas matter and where you can let your creativity shine. We work industriously and efficiently, but also keep it fun. In fact our Core Values are Family, Freedom and Fun.


We believe everyone is an entrepreneur.

At the heart of Suite 4, everyone is an entrepreneur — including our employees. Each person at Suite 4 takes full responsibility for the running and managing of his or her position and is the manager of their domain. That’s what helps us to truly understand the 100s of different hats each small business owner wears, and helps us to free up small business owners so they can not only keep America going, but also achieve the freedom- based lifestyles they too desire.

But don’t let our upbeat tone and effortless cool fool you – working here is no walk in the park! We only hire people who take pride in a job well done. We only hire people who aren’t afraid of a little mental (or physical) elbow grease. We’re not interested in the “entitled” class.

The long and short of it: If you produce, you’ll be recognized for it. If you slack, you won’t stick around long.

Suite 4 is the kind of place where you get your foot in the door wherever it can fit and plan to move up. Because you CAN move up. As high as you want really. (Except Rachel’s job… probably.)



Last, but in no imaginable way least…

One of our very firmest policies is this: There shall be NO office politics. It is flat out forbidden to talk negatively about your teammates or our clients. Any needed correction is done with respect and care.

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Being a Suite 4 intern means diving into digital marketing on Day One. Our interns work directly with staff and never make coffee runs. We want you to get experience in the areas of marketing that you’re most interested in. Check out the job descriptions below.