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Friday Faves: Step Up Your ‘Gram Game and Optimize Instagram

“What’s the deal with this Instagram thing? Do I need to be on it?”

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve been asked this question in the last week. Maybe it’s because the latest update (see below!) has made tech headlines and hit Facebook’s “Trending Topics” feed, but curiosity in the app is on the rise. A quick, informal poll of coworkers and friends places it firmly at the top of our preferred app list. That means your target audience is probably spending a lot of time on it as well. Being able to optimize Instagram and utilize it efficiently can help you reach leads in an exciting new way! Knowing the best practices, extra apps and organizations to follow can help you get the most of your account and increase your returns.

Devon’s Favorite Hack

On the ninth of February, I was given a President’s Day present from the App Store. Instagram was updated to version 7.16, and with it came a quick and easy way to switch back and forth between accounts. If you’re an Instagram addict like me, you know how important it is to be always logged in. It’s the first app I go to when I’m mindlessly on my phone! But, if manage an Instagram account for your small business like I do, you probably spend a lot of time logging out and in, accidentally mixing up your personal and work passwords. Needless to say, I was extremely excited to no longer have to endure this hassle.

Because I’m all about efficiency and freeing up time, I can link up to five accounts using a single login. This is a feature Facebook and Twitter have had for a while but it’s great to see my favorite app catch up to the others. It’s so easy to complete the initial set-up. Just click on “Add an Account” in your settings. Then you can switch back and forth in just four three steps:

instagram hack 1
Step 1: Click on your profile
Step 2: Click on your account name.
Step 2: Click on your account name.
Step 3: Choose which account you want to use.
Step 3: Choose which account you want to use.
Continue scrolling, double-tapping and 'gramming!
Continue scrolling, double-tapping and ‘gramming!

Chase’s Favorite App

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be Taylor Swift or President Obama? Or in a business sense, have you ever wondered what your competition is up to? Well, a new Android and iOS app called Being is giving you a glimpse into those lives through their Instagram accounts.

Basically, Being allows you to see the timeline of any other user so you see what they see when they log into Instagram. As a business, this could be a helpful way of seeing how other businesses engage on Instagram and who they follow. As an individual, it may give you a small taste of the limelight.

Audrey’s Favorite Inspiration

instagram inspiration 2

Instagram is a growing platform for businesses to reach and connect with their target audience. One of my favorite business accounts to follow is GoPro. They are an awesome example of successfully using Instagram to grow their reach. Six months ago, GoPro had 6 million followers. Now, it has 8.1 million. These people are obviously doing something right and know how to optimize Instagram.

Let’s take a look at their strategy. The majority of GoPro’s posts are not their own content. They hold daily “Photo of the Day” contests to engage their audience and then feature the photo and tag the photographer in the post. This is a genius, yet simple concept. Let your followers create your content for you. Not only does it save your company from planning and staging photo shoots for your Instagram, but it directly interacts with your audience. This allows your clientele to feel more connected and involved in your company, which is one of the main goals of social media marketing!

Obviously, this exact approach doesn’t apply directly for every business, but the idea can still be applied. Sharing and reposting from your followers grows their affinity for your business.

instagram inspiration 1

Miles’ Local Favorite

When I’m looking for a good place to eat, I check out their Instagram. Red Hills Market is an example of a perfect Instagram account. The whole goal of Instagram is to entice and excite potential customers and Red Hills Market’s posts are beautiful. They highlight their photogenic and delicious food, specials they’re running, guest taps and new products, as well as their employees. Whether it’s duck confit tacos, butternut squash lasagna, or a double-decker breakfast sandwich, Red Hills makes their already extraordinary food and products look even better. And with that, I’m off to grab on of their Reubens for lunch.

red hills market local favorite