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Friday Favorites: Marketing Intern Takeover

After a wonderful summer, our three interns, Danielle, Lucy and Erin, are leaving us to return to school. Before they leave, they wanted to share a few of their favorite things from this summer about marketing, Suite 4, company culture and each other. So, without further ado, I’ll pass the baton to them for this week’s Friday Faves: Marketing Intern Takeover Edition.

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Erin’s Favorite Inspiration

Our first day with Suite 4 was full of HubSpot training and introductions, mostly. We each received an informative and fun pack on the do’s and don’ts of an internship in general, as well as the mission and values of our company in particular. For me, the most helpful reading material came in the form of an eBook called Obvious Adams, by Robert R. Updegraff.

This short story, which was first distributed in 1916, tells the story of a character named Oliver B. Adams. We follow Adams as he discovers the advertising world and earns a series of promotions through his cunning use of common sense. He became known as “Obvious Adams” because of his ability to make boring, simple suggestions that were so undeniably right.

The secret to Adams’ success in his career was never really a secret at all. Once he decided to do something, he did it. While others were fretting about being clever and complex in their ideas, Adams had already found the obvious solution and followed through with it. This resonated with me more than any other tips or tricks you can find online because it wasn’t a trick.

As a semi-professional overthinker, I have come to appreciate the beauty in finding a simple solution. Obvious Adams serves as a reminder that getting something done the right way may come down to a single brilliant idea, but that the best ideas are often already within our reach.

Lucy’s Favorite App

Since the first day of summer when we started here at Suite 4, we have been using the messaging application Slack. Slack is a great tool for offices because it allows group conversations, private conversations and direct conversations between employees.

The group chats can be any topic and are designated by their own hashtag. For example, at Suite 4 we have an #interns group channel – this group channel is for the three interns, our supervisor, and of course our boss. Other channels, such as #general, include everyone to see the important information. No one besides who you add can see or be added to the conversation. Lastly, the direct conversations are for asking anyone in the office a question that is specifically for them. This is especially handy when someone is out of the office or in a separate area and you need an important work-related question answered.

Slack is also a great place to share files. When we have a Google document that we need to share, or a great blog we want everyone to read, we simply post it in Slack so everyone has a chance to see it. The great thing about Slack is that it’s compatible with different forms of files, so there are hardly every any issues when trying to share files.

The last thing I’ll talk about with Slack is that all the conversations are searchable. Have you ever lost an email you need a number from or a photo from last year? Well, with Slack you just have to search using specific terms (in:, after:, during:, etc.) and it will search your entire archives for the material you misplaced. This is an amazing feature because it takes away all the work of searching through emails, computer files, and folders in order to find that one document you misplaced.

The thing that makes Slack even better is that it’s an application on your phone and your computer so you can stay updated on all the office information without leaving the comfort of your bed! Learn more about Slack and how to use it in the office here.

Danielle’s Favorite Video

One of my favorite parts of my internship at Suite 4 has been the time I am able to spend working to my strengths amongst my peers. Utilizing the knowledge and experience of those around you is one of the most resourceful ways of enhancing an internship experience.

I had the benefit of interning at Suite 4 this summer alongside two other talented interns, Lucy and Erin, through the McMinnville Economic Development Partnership internship program. At the beginning of our internship, our supervisors at Suite 4 delegated our responsibilities so each of us were able to do the type of work we want and be exposed to the areas we are less comfortable with. Because I am much more artistically and visually stimulated, I have been able to contribute my graphic design skills to areas of our projects that required those skills like designed a promotional sheet for one of our clients.

After having such a positive experience interning for Suite , I have a new perspective. If you feel like you are not working to your fullest potential, take the time to identify your individual strengths and what you can individually contribute to the team’s goal. Finding that motivation and excitement in what you do at your job is ultimately what drives you to come into work every day.

The video below reinforces the idea that as we grow, we will always become more and more of who we really are, so working towards your strengths will always be beneficial. Don’t be afraid to stretch your limits in order to explore areas of interest new to you. Who knows, you could find out you have talents laying in hiding! If your work environment is successful at identifying people’s strengths and channeling those parts of each person’s unique personality into specific work projects, then ultimately you’re going to be placed in a job you are successful and feel fulfilled at just as I have found working for Suite 4!