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Friday Favorites: Marketing the Big Picture

the big picture

Every marketing decision your small business makes should fulfill your big picture goal. However, that ultimate goal of converting more leads or increasing in-store foot traffic can’t be fulfilled without attention to the smaller details like idea presentation. This week’s Friday Favorites is all about looking at the small and large aspects of a successful marketing campaign.

Audrey’s Favorite Blog

What not to do when writing a blog.

Last week, I was doing some social media management for a client in the construction industry. Someone else had posted a link to a blog about how to select the right contractor. I thought, “oh good, maybe I can share that link too!” So I clicked on the link and was taken to this page. After reading the headline, I immediately scrolled down the page, saw nothing that caught my eye, and closed out of the window. I have no idea if that article actually provided valuable information, but because of the way it was formatted there was no way I was going to read it.

The main takeaway here? Don’t ever post a blog that is literally a straight page of text. An easy way to fix this is by including sub-headers, bullet points and images. Break up the text so a reader can see a preview of the information before they commit to reading it. Nobody wants to waste time, so having a preview in the headers is a good way to hook a reader and convince them that the blog is worth their time.

Miles’ Favorite Video

Simon Sinek presents some fantastic ideas about the way we sell and market to consumers. This TED talk upends the traditional marketing process. Simon refers to it as “The Golden Circle.” Instead of focusing on solely the product itself, he proposes that you sell and market by answering these questions, in this order:

  • Why does your business exist?
  • How do you carry out that idea?
  • What does the marriage of your extraordinary idea and execution of that idea produce?

In addition, he delves into how consumers make purchasing decisions and identifies key population demographics your business will attract if using his method. I’ve found it incredibly useful not only at work but in my personal life as well.


Chase’s Favorite App

About two weeks ago, Instagram announced the launch of Boomerang, an app that lets you take a burst of photos and then loop those images back and forth to create a 1-second movie. I have been using this app both in and out of the office to create fun videos for Instagram. One thing that I like about the app is that there is no sound. In fact, the “videos” are actually more like GIFs. I also like that you can use the Instagram app to add filters to your mini-videos.

I can see this being used in business whenever a picture would be taken for Instagram. Instead of taking a still picture, a Boomerang can be used to add life to the moment.

Devon’s Favorite Inspiration

Rarely do I go see a movie and find myself wishing I had a notepad with me. That’s exactly how I felt when I saw the new Aaron Sorkin and Michael Fassbender movie, Steve Jobs. Beyond being a truly amazing movie, it highlights the marketing genius mind the late Apple CEO was famous for. The movie is centered around three different product launches and features intense conversations between Jobs and his head of marketing, Joanna Hoffman (played by Kate Winslet). I always knew of Jobs’ legacy, but watching his intentions unfold on screen was extremely powerful. It reminded me to think of the tiniest details and how everything clicking together just-so can create magic. Successful marketing campaigns rely on testing and adjusting to find that magic, but keeping the ultimate vision in mind is what makes for a powerful, and lasting, campaign.