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Friday Favorites: Social Media Marketing Tips from Recipes to Leftovers

Think of this week’s social media marketing tips as a meal. We’ve found some recipes to make your life easier, inspiration from Taco Bell as the main course and a great way to save your best Facebook posts for later. Enjoy!

Devon’s Favorite App

If This Then That recipes are slowly changing my life – for the better! I’ve heard about IFTTT for a while now, and chances are you have too, but it wasn’t until this week that I finally looked into it for myself. The application creates little recipes that span platforms across the Internet to help make life easier for you.

I set my first one to automatically post any Instagram post with a designated hashtag on Twitter. My goal was to generate more tweets, without the sloppy Instagram link but as a native Twitter card instead. This makes the image show up on Twitter rather than forcing followers to click through to another platform.

IFTTT recipes
The Instagram image shows up as an ordinary Twitter picture. No messy link!

There are seemingly endless recipes already created on the application for you to link together. If you want to save Instagram photos to a shared Dropbox or Google Drive folder, the recipe is there. If, for some reason, you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can create your own! Hopefully, this shortcut will amaze you the way it’s amazed me this week.

Audrey’s Favorite Blog

I feel like Taco Bell keeps coming up as an industry to look at when it comes to their marketing. It’s not because they make the best food, but it’s because they’re engaging with their audience and creating a personal persona to identify with the company. LinkedIn published an article interviewing Tressie Lieberman, the digital marketer for Taco Bell, featuring how she’s influenced the way Taco Bell is portrayed through social media. One of the things that Lieberman said that stood out to me the most was in regard to how she approaches staying on top of trends in social media:

“I’m really hungry for information and seeing where the trends are going. I don’t really think about my category, it is more about culture, trends and innovation. You won’t find me obsessively reading every article about my industry. It is more about looking to see inspiration from what is happening in the world.”

It’s not enough to be informed about your own industry. You need to see the bigger picture and let that inspire you to apply new and risky approaches to your business marketing. It’s thinking outside the box.

Chase’s Favorite Hack

Do you have something really important you want everyone on your Facebook profile to see? Maybe it’s just a funny post that you don’t want to get buried beneath your other posts or maybe it’s an important story that will be relevant for longer than a day. Well, worry no more, Facebook has a feature that allows you to pin a post so that it always shows up at the top of your timeline. To achieve this, all you have to do is click the arrow in the top right corner of a post and then select “Pin to Top.” Now that post will stay at the top of your timeline until you decide it’s no longer important and unpin it.

pin important facebook posts
It’s really that easy!