So How Does Inbound Marketing Work?

Have you heard of inbound marketing, but aren’t sure what it means? You’re definitely not alone!

In the simplest of terms, inbound marketing helps target and guide your ideal client through your products and services in a logical, educational way. Rather than feature screaming popup ads pressuring to make a sale before your visitor is ready, inbound marketing leads them through the buying process in an intuitive manner using smart, dynamic content. This gives you an opportunity to connect with the best marketing qualified leads.

So how does inbound marketing work? We’ve put together a handy infographic to show you the path from attracting new visitors to happy customers becoming your biggest promoters.

creating qualified leads


Keep in mind your buyer personas represent fictionalized versions of your ideal customers. When you write your amazing, informational, dymanic content, you’re writing it for your buyer personas. Make your content to do the heavy lifting for you by mixing it up and targeting different stages of that buyer’s journey. For more about buyer’s journey, check out this great article from HubSpot.

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