Is Instagram the New Social Media Powerhouse?

In recent months, Instagram has made some serious upgrades to their platform. The mobile photo-sharing application replicates what its competitors offer, making it a one-stop shop for avid social media users. With a steady growth rate since its 2010 debut, Instagram now has 600 million active users (as of December 2016), making it one of the most popular social media networks globally! So, why is it so popular? Here are a few reasons:


Multiple Images and Videos per Post:

Though still being tested, this feature is Instagram’s most recent release as of  February 22. With the ability to post up to 10 photos or videos in a single post, this update relieves users of having to choose the single best photo or video you want to share with your followers. This update is great for sharing before and after photos, exciting vacations and events.


Suite 4 Instagram

Live Stories:

Similar to the Snapchat Live and Facebook Live features, Instagram developed its own live feed, which debuted in late January. With this release, we only wonder how this update will affect Snapchat’s ability to retain users and create a better user experience.


Instagram Stories:

Instagram stories, released in August of 2016, lets users share moments throughout their day that won’t appear on their profile. Again, this update is similar to Snapchat stories, allowing your followers to view what you do throughout your day for just the 24 hours that the story lasts.


Released in October 2015, this Instagram app enables users to create fun mini videos stitched together with a live photo. This app was a stand-alone tool until late 2016 when the two came together, making Boomerang accessible through Instagram.

Other Updates:

In addition to all of the fun photo and video sharing updates, Instagram has also become more business-friendly. Instagram Business consists of Instagram story ads, Instagram lead ads, shoppable posts and insights, all of which have made the app a great platform for marketers.


Instagram has made some impressive updates, providing nearly all the features of its competitors combined. Only time will tell how other social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat will adapt, whether or not they will bend to the trendsor just snap.