Keep It Spicy In The Social Media Sphere

Keep it Spicy in the Social Media Sphere

Through our recent posts we have discussed the importance of the content creation process. You need to have a plan, a time line, a target audience, and a reason for posting. What happens if you’re still not getting a large response after following this process? You need to spice it up! Small business social media marketing may get boring if all you are posting is pictures of the new clothing you are stocking your shelves with. Social content is supposed to be engaging and entertaining.

Now is the time to take a few risks and let your personality fly. Your spicy content will leave your customers engaged, interested, and shouting from the rooftops!

Zayn Has Quit One Direction…

and the world may be ending. One member of the popular British boy band announced he was quitting yesterday and the Internet has just about lost its mind. You can’t look at your news feed without seeing someone upset by the news or another person making fun of all of the heart broken teens. It may seem like the social sphere is going overboard but they are actually right on track.

Staying current on Pop Culture news and references makes your social content fresh. People want a fast response and turn around for all of their news. Incorporating pop culture references and news facts into your content will be sure to get a laugh and a read from your audience. If all else fails, just throw a hashbrown no filter onto your pictures.

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Some Lady Somewhere in the World Did Something Important…

and you need to know about it. Beyond using “gathering content” as an excuse to binge watch all of your favorite shows, you also need to stay up to date on current events. You will draw in more readers and a larger audience if you are able to create content revolving around current events. Even if it is not specific to your small business, staying up to date and relevant with what is going on in the world is a great boost to your content postings as well as your audience interactions.

An easy way to stay current? Follow news sources on your own social sites. A Retweet or Share is only one click away. One of our favorite Twitter pages to follow incorporates current events with their own personal touch in their postings.

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If You’re Smart and You Know it… Let Them Know

The whole point of creating content is to fulfill a need for your audience. You are an expert in your field and people are looking to you for your expert advice, not what you ate for lunch (although, sometimes the picture of your salad is too good not to share). Don’t be bashful; let your audience see that you know what you’re talking about. You have to keep it interesting, but keep in mind the main reason that you are sharing content anyways: to gain customers who believe you to be the best option for their money.

Our Instagram obsession, The Home Depot has done a great job of keeping the balance between fun and informational. The rule of thumb is 20% selling content 80% engaging and interactive.


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Reading is Boring, Let People See You

Only 16% of readers will read an entire post work for word. The rest just skim for the main points, the pictures, or don’t read at all. In order to attract your audience, keep it visual! Be sure to incorporate pictures or videos with your postings. If you are creating a long blog, use a list and bolded text (see what I did there…!) The increase of social media has caused a quick demand for an audience. If it is not eye catching, it will likely get passed.

How can you pass up a picture of pizza?

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Following the content creation plan for your social media is guaranteed to get you most interactions, leads and customers. Once you have the process down, it is time to spice it up. Keep your readers interested and keep them guessing.

Your social media personality is an extension of who you are as a business and as a leader in your business expertise. Want to learn more about social marketing for your business? Here are a few links to past articles to help you be set in the right direction.

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