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Little Known Ways to Increase Engagement on Twitter

We all use Twitter for our personal and business matters, so our goal is to get as much engagement on twitter as possible. In addition to favoriting and retweeting, here are a few easy ways to increase engagement from your followers:


  1. Follow, Follow, Follow!

In order to gain followers, you must follow others – it is the golden rule of Twitter (well, we think so at least). To create more engagement, find as many people on Twitter who have similar interests as you, live in the same area or are within your business’s target market. By doing this, you are encouraging the people you follow to follow you back. All in all, you will have more followers, which gives your tweets more exposure and a better chance of receiving more engagement.


  1. Don’t Be Scared to Use the Tools Available

Twitter has so many tools to use! If you can master a few of these you will be on your way to getting more engagement.

  • One tool to utilize is “the mention.” To do this, type an ‘@’ and the username (or twitter “handle”) of the user you want to reach. Mentions are great for several things. We love to use them to thank our new followers, ask questions, and of course give shoutouts to our awesome clients!
  • Another tool that is not often used, but should be, is the Twitter poll. We like this tool because it gives people something in which to participate. Plus, they get immediate results! To do this, click the button to write a tweet, press the icon with three horizontal lines, then type an interesting question in. Add two to four answers, pick a length of time for the poll (up to a week), and finally sit back and watch people vote.

Engagement on Twitter PollEngagement on Twitter Poll 2

There are so many more tools Twitter offers, but these are two that could increase your followers’ engagement on Twitter.


  1. Schedule Your Tweets and Relax

Do you have a great idea for  a tweet, but it just isn’t the right time to post it? We totally get it! That is why we want to introduce you to Buffer. Buffer is a free website where you can easily schedule your tweets in order to optimize your engagement on Twitter. There are simple ways to see what time your tweets get the most engagement.

Engagement on Twitter Buffer

With that information, you can tweet at the busiest times for your page. Buffer is an easy way to keep up with your tweets for the day, week, or month – however much you choose to load into the app. You can even use Buffer to Retweet other people’s Tweets. Try it out… you won’t regret it!


Start increasing your engagement on Twitter now! If you have questions about how to boost your business’s Twitter or other social media presence, contact us and we can chat over a coffee!

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