why small business marketing matters

Why Small Business Marketing Matters

Interning at Suite 4 opened my eyes up to a world I always knew existed, but didn’t lend much thought to. The world of small businesses and the importance they hold to both the community and the economy can’t be overstressed. Small businesses help the people in your community succeed and follow their passion, they help to make the place you live better, and they often stand above big corporations in customer service and personalization. Though working with small businesses, I’ve been able to see their importance and why small business marketing matters.

Small Businesses Create Jobs

Since 1994, 60 to 80 percent of new jobs were created by small businesses. In a community like McMinnville, I’ve seen a countless number of my friends and peers employed by the small businesses in the area, and they always speak highly of their employers. My peers get to work with people who are so passionate about their storefront or job, they put everything on the line to create a livelihood around it. Small business marketing allows more jobs to be created while bringing in more revenue and boosting the local economy.

They Support the Community

Here at Suite 4, we are constantly involved in both our own work in the community, as well as helping other businesses with their community building projects. Often, we get to write content that doesn’t only bring people into small businesses but helps them give back to the community as a whole. Marketing takes on a new meaning when you can see the direct results on the very street you work on.

Passion in Contagious

Talking to small business owners and employees is like a breath of fresh air. They care about the work they are doing and they want you to know how much they care. Small business marketing feeds off the passion we get from clients. The more passionate an owner is about his or her business, the more enjoyable it is to create content. Working with small businesses means working one-on-one with the people who care deeply about the end result. It leads to more direct communication and often better results. Even when we get stuck on writing, it’s easy to find inspiration for small business blogs.

My internship at Suite 4 has taught me the value and importance of creating thriving small businesses. Working and marketing for a small business is exciting because the people you work with are excited. Building a local community and economy makes where I live a better place, and I couldn’t think of anything more rewarding.

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