Social media is a necessary marketing tool for businesses of any size

Social Media – A Must-Have For All Businesses

It’s no surprise people are spending more and more time on their phones and less time watching traditional television, reading newspapers and magazines, or listening to the radio. With these behavioral changes, businesses have needed to adapt their marketing strategies in order to stay in front of their target audiences. One of these strategies should be social media.

How do I use Social Media for my business?

Many business owners venture into the landscape of social media marketing just as they would for the other marketing platforms (television, print, radio). This usually involves a deal or special offer and a direct call to action. Unfortunately, these methods will not yield nearly the same results. Due to social media platforms’ algorithms, Tweets and posts with “sales language” will be filtered out of most users’ feeds.

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Instead of selling, social media should be used to engage with your audience, promote the community as a whole, and then educate them about your business, services, and products. The rule-of-thumb is to have 80% of your content be fun and light and have the other 20% feature your business, products, or services. Though, shying on the side of light and fun will result in a happier community overall.

How do I measure results?

Since the main goal of social media marketing is not to sell your products or services, we cannot measure results in terms of leads, sales, or conversions. You will occasionally get a lead directly from Facebook, but instead, we measure success based on reach (or impressions), and engagement (likes, comments, and shares). When these numbers increase, it means our content is reaching more people. When more people know about your business, you will have more people contacting you when they need your product or service.

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