Suite 4 Welcomes Intern Lauren Anderson!

We are excited to introduce Lauren Anderson, our newest summer intern! She is working on her Marketing degree at Oregon State University and heard about us through our local McMinnville WORKS Internship Program. For the upcoming months she will be working with our Social Media team updating blogs, Twitter and Instagram. Keep an eye out to see her latest posts!


Lauren is ecstatic to work with Suite 4! It is her first time working within a marketing agency. We are excited to help her grow and get hands on experience helping clients. Her favorite social media platform is Twitter, she says it “keeps her in touch with friends and up to date on the latest breaking news.” Instagram is the runner-up. She enjoys seeing the photos of where everyone has traveled. “I have a passion for traveling and it’s really cool to see spots all across the world that I’ll be able to visit someday!”

Lauren was born and raised in Newberg, Oregon. She moved to Corvallis to attend Oregon State University where she is half way done with her Bachelor’s degree. She is studying marketing and plans to do a focus on international business. Most of her time at school is spent studying at the campus library or on coffee dates with friends.

For the summer, Lauren is back in Newberg with her family. You can find her berry picking with her mom, enjoying the sun or walking her dog Kona.