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Looking for Suite 4 reviews? At Suite 4, we believe we have some of the best clients in the world! From dentists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, naturopathic physicians and chiropractors; to private schools, general contractors, coffee roasters and more.

Here are just a few kind thoughts and real experiences from some of them:


Smith and Company Painting

smith and company paintingI really enjoy working with the Suite 4 team!!! They are great at what they do. They do such a good job of developing a plan of action and then executing that plan. I own and operate a painting business and started talking to them about marketing ideas in late 2014. By the beginning of 2015 we hit the ground running with a plan of action that they helped create. My goal was to increase the amount of leads and business I was getting in our local area so that I didn’t have to do quite so much traveling. I also wanted to increase my brand awareness within our area and gain more market share. They have done an amazing job with all the stuff that I can’t stand doing like writing blogs and keeping all the various social media sites up to date and fresh. They will soon be helping me role out a couple new charity events that we will be putting on. We haven’t added up all the numbers yet for 2015 but my guess is that I will see a minimum of a 200%+ increase in our local leads count year over year. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up being 300%!!! That is awesome. Thanks so much. ~Parker Smith


S.E.A. Construction and Peninsula Siding Company:

These guys, Suite 4 Social Media, can blog faster, better, and with fun and interesting content than I was ever able to for my marketing clients. They make it look so easy. Rachel makes sure we get an outline of the entire months blogs ahead of time for approval, and then they just show up on time and on schedule.
Rachel is great to work with also, really listens to what wee need, is super open to making things work, conferencing to get the details and make certain she understands, she explains things to my clients in a way that they understand without ever making them feel dumb…that’s rare these days, it seems. Plus, Rachel is always adding new and talented staff members to her team. I’m definitely a fan of hers and of what she’s creating.
I highly recommend Suite 4 Social Media. ~Petalyn



All About Smiles, Dental Clinic:

All About Smiles dentist raves about Suite 4

“Wow – I literally could not get 1/100th of the marketing we do for the dental clinic done without Rachel and her team. She is our shining star that makes it happen. Her ideas are top-notch; her follow-up is impeccable; her attention to detail is superb; and her genuine desire to grow our business is sincere.”
~Dr. Oliver,





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