Twitter for Business


For such short posts, Twitter can have a huge impact on the relationship between you and your customers! Here are a few quick tips to benefit from those 140 characters.


  • Personalize your profile: Your Twitter profile is an extension of your brand so make sure it represents you well! Your cover photo and Twitter bio can draw in a potential follower.
    • If you choose to have your logo as the profile picture, make sure it’s clear and legible. Keep in mind though that Twitter is a place for conversations and people often connect more with faces than logos so consider a head-shot instead.
    • Use the cover photo and customized background space to spotlight your company’s website, Facebook page or any other important information.
    • Don’t forget about your Twitter bio! Include what you do, how you can help people and show some personality.

suite 4 twitter

@PortlandMeadows provides a clear logo, an interesting picture, website info and an interesting bio to draw in followers

  • Engagement:Twitter is an amazing conversation-starter and there are a lot of ways to interact with followers.
    • Following others is always the first step. Of course follow current and former clients, but also keep your eye out for potential clients and competitors! Have no shame in searching yourself and following anyone who mentions your company or relevant keywords. The first step to building a relationship is to return the favor and follow back but be wary of automated spam bots and unfollow anyone who hasn’t been active in 6-12 months.
    • Reply to every question, compliment or concern. Thank people individually for following or retweeting you. Twitter is a giant conversation which requires listening and responding. Don’t hesitate to search out relevant industry keywords and answer questions from people who don’t follow you. Engaging with those outside your immediate circle is a great way to let people know who you are!
    • Use the handy direct messaging (DM) feature! It provides a private conversation space for you and a follower and helps build a trusting relationship.

suite 4 twitter

@PortlandMeadows retweeted pictures from an event and even added to the conversation.

  • Tweet with a PURPOSE: Why did you create a twitter account for your company? Having a goal in mind before you tweet prevents aimless or infrequent tweeting. Decide ahead of time which topics you want to highlight and try to stick to them.
    • Pay attention to which tweets spark a reaction, and which go ignored. Twitter is more focused on real-time engagement than any other platform so there’s always room for adjustment to fit your audience. Also take note of when your tweets garner attention. If more people retweet your blog links after their lunch breaks, schedule your next tweet for around 1pm.
      • Make your feed fun to read by switching up the tone of your tweets. Include educational advice, interesting trivia and thoughtful questions. Participating in trending hashtag games is always a great way to be seen by a larger audience and show some personality! (Be careful to check the original context of the hashtag before joining in.)

suite 4 twitter

Don’t be afraid to reproduce your content like @YoungbergHill so more people can see your great deals!


  • Switch up your format: The average person is more likely to pay attention to a picture or video rather than text-only tweets. Pictures can provide context and definitely catch the eye of someone just scanning their feed.
    • An easy trick is to upload your new Instagram pictures separately to Twitter rather than just linking them.
    • Embrace the Vine format of short videos for a behind-the-scenes look at your company.
    • Keep your text-only tweets short and sweet. This makes them easier to retweet without being cut off and easier for the reader to remember.

suite 4 twitter

@GrowYamhill uses videos and pictures to highlight their organization.


What kind of tweets grab your attention? What do you look for in feeds to follow? Let us know in the comments!