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What An Awesome Newsletter Can Do For Your Business

Case Study – Milan Stoneworks Newsletter Upgrade

We redesigned the monthly newsletter for our client, Milan Stoneworks, and the results were spectacular! Jennifer, the co-owner of Milan, was ecstatic about the new design and noticed that they’ve received excellent results because of it. Check out the stats below.

Old – April 2015

  • Delivered Thursday at 12pm
  • 1,560 recipients
  • Opened: 339 people (21.9%)
  • Click rate: 21 clicks (1.4%)

New – August 2015

  • Delivered Tuesday at 2:42pm
  • 1,545 recipients
  • Opened: 406 people (26.7%)
  • Click rate: 96 clicks (6.3%)

Industry (Construction) average:

  • Open rate: 13.1%
  • Click rate: 1.3%

So now you may be wondering, “what’s different?” If you’re looking to give your newsletter an upgrade, follow these simple tips:

Attract with a strong header – People tend to be more attracted to visuals. By having a graphic or image at the top of your newsletter, you immediately engage the reader. This graphic should include your logo so your reader quickly identifies what they’re reading but having something more than the logo will hold the viewer’s attention a little longer and encourage them to continue reading.

good header
bad header

Avoid a lot of text – It’s easier to process information through an image so communicate as much as you can without text. If you can use bullet points instead of a paragraph, do it. Newsletters should be informative and quickly digestible.

less text
too much text


Engage with teasers – Including teasers for your most recent blog posts will engage your readers and encourage them to click through to your site to read the rest of the blog. Provide an image to accompany the blog teaser, as well as links to the blog.

blog teasers
bad blog teaser


Add color – Publications are always more visually pleasing and engaging with color. A white background often kills people’s interest without them knowing why. A colored background helps to visually contain the information you’re presenting and can create a certain mood for the viewer. If you’re unsure about colors to use, start with your company’s designated colors.

August Newsletter
April Newsletter