What Your Small Business Should Post on Social Media

What Your Small Business Should Post on Social Media

Social media has become a component of most people’s daily lives. People, and potential customers, want to interact with your business, and this can be a great thing. It can help you connect to your customers and gain potential leads, but with creating social media accounts comes a responsibility. You now have to post, and post frequently, to stay relevant. But the question remains, what should your business be posting on your social media accounts? Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, here are a few tips about the content you should be producing for your followers.

The Golden Rule of Social Media Posts: 80/20

While social media is a great way to promote your newest products and offers, the rule remains that only 20 percent of your social media content should be promoting yourself. The other 80 percent should be used to create content that your customers can interact with. Your business shouldn’t disrupt your followers newsfeed and constant advertisements will do just that. So while 20 percent of your content will be easy to create, after all it will be about your business and the great things you offer, there needs to be a countering 80 percent of content that your small business should be posting. What should these posts look like?

Your Posts Should Be:


What Your Small Business Should Post on Social Media

Whether it’s a bright picture, a funny quote, or a leading question, your content should elicit a response from the reader. Asking questions can be a great way to not only get people engaged, but also to communicate with customers. Posting things that matter to you and your business will help your customer see the people behind the product. Whether you allow people to interact with your social media page directly, or you lead them to another site, a customer will only click or read something that they find interesting.


What Your Small Business Should Post on Social Media

Customers want to know information before deciding on a final purchase. By helping your customer and social media followers, you will be helping yourself. Posting educational content is all about finding potential questions a customer might have and reflecting on those questions. To post educational content you can link to a blog post you created to help customers, or another outside source that you have found helpful.


What Your Small Business Should Post on Social Media

In a world where we are constantly surrounded by media, attention spans are short. Make sure that your content won’t be another task your customer feels like they need to complete. Keeping your content conversational and knowing your demographic will help you create content that customers will want to see. Being entertaining will make customers continue to follow your social media outlets and will give them a positive connection to your name.


Make sure the content you are posting is relevant to whatever industry you are in. Someone followed your company, product, or service. This means they want to see more and learn more about your world and what you offer. But remember, posting relevant content does not mean posting only about yourself. Showing followers that you want them to know more about what you do builds trust and stronger customers.


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